Can Every Woman Experience G Spot Orgasms and Ejaculation? Does the Seemingly Elusive G Spot Really Exist?

Reason for Female G Spot Site

This mini website has been developed to provide adult sex education resources that fully explain the female G Spot and female ejaculation. The products and information resources presented here come highly recommended to boost your sexual fulfilment and G Spot awareness.

The site focuses on adult sex education information and products that confirm the existence of the female G Spot and provides access to practical down-to-earth instructions on how to apply pressure to this female trigger for high-level multi-orgasmic sexual satisfaction.

Hands-on Female G Spot Stimulation Techniques

Probably the most comprehensive and effective female g spot video training available anywhere.

How to Find the Female G Spot

Where is the G Spot and what is it, exactly? How to Find the Female G Spot

What has been popularly called the G Spot is the location within the upper wall of the vagina through which the urethral glands (female prostate) can be felt.

The search for a "spot" on the upper wall of the vagina, as opposed to searching for the female prostate or urethral glands through the upper wall may be contributing to the difficulty of finding the G Spot.

Women whose G Spots are highly sensitised can experience multiple-orgasms and they can also ejaculate. Many women describe their vaginal orgasms as deeper and more satisfying and emotional than clitoral orgasms.

The G Spot is sensitive to firm pressure and can be developed by regular stimulation. If a woman wants to quickly develop an awareness of her G Spot, she can (with practice and patience) stimulate herself with a vibrator or her fingers. However, there is a more effective device which has been designed specially for G Spot stimulation: the Double Trouble G Spot Wand.

To begin the G Spot voyage, she should be FULLY AROUSED before stimulating her G Spot. If an effort is made to massage the G Spot before foreplay and complete arousal, the results are likely to be very disappointing. The more aroused a woman is, the larger and more sensitive her G Spot becomes and, as a result, the G Spot becomes easier to find.

After full arousal, any woman can be guided by taking the following steps:

  1. Ensure that she urinates before attempting to find her G Spot
  2. Get into a squatting or sitting position (sitting on the toilet is recommended)
  3. Insert a finger(s) about two inches into her vagina
  4. Explore and apply firm continued outward (towards the clitoris) pressure to
    the inside front wall of the vagina until there's an urge to urinate. This urge to
    urinate indicates the location of the G Spot (female prostate) and the start of
    her orgasm(s)
  5. Continue applying pressure until she orgasms

Note: The G Spot feels a little like corrugated paper, with a ridgy texture.

When firm continued pressure is applied to the G Spot, a woman will feel an urgent need to urinate. Because of this, it's best if she experiments while sitting on the toilet. After emptying her bladder in Step 1., she can ignore the urge to urinate and go quickly on to orgasm.

When a woman's G Spot is stimulated it will give her a distinct feeling and the G Spot will swell and become a small lump.

Firm pressure is required in stimulating and arousing the G Spot than is required in stimulating the clitoris which is a much more sensitive organ. Just as a man's penis needs stimulation before an erection occurs, a woman's G Spot becomes swollen after prolonged and firm pressure is applied to it.

Some women who experience G Spot stimulation will ejaculate a clear fluid at the moment of orgasm, and some may feel a need to urinate just before it happens. If a woman ejaculates, she will notice that the fluid is much clearer and whiter than urine and does not smell like it. The fluid is as much as a man's ejaculate, colourless and almost odourless.

A man can help his woman to experience G Spot orgasms and ejaculation by inserting his index and middle fingers into her vagina and firmly pressing and stroking the inside front wall. Reasonably strong pressure is required. A stimulated G Spot will feel spongy and different from the rest of the vagina. Stroking the G Spot firmly in this way can bring on a relatively quick orgasm or several of them. The area becomes hard and firm like an erect penis as it swells, sometimes to the size of a walnut. It can be felt between the man's fingers pressing the front of the vaginal wall and the woman's fingers pressing down on her abdomen just above the pubic hairline.

The G Spot does not lie on the vaginal wall itself. It is felt through it. A woman can begin the experimental voyage of G Spot stimulation on her own. However, it is much easier for her partner to stimulate her than for her to do it herself. Most women have difficulty locating and stimulating the G Spot by themselves (except with a G Spot Wand) but they have no difficulty in identifying the erotic sensation when a partner stimulates the area. The problem that a woman will experience in trying to locate her G Spot is that she needs very long fingers and / or a short vagina to reach the area while lying on her back.

The G Spot Wand

Double Trouble G Spot WandThe Double Trouble G Spot Wand has been specially designed to easily reach and stimulate the G Spot. The G Spot is located within the front wall of the vagina half way between the cervix and the outer vaginal opening. The location of the G Spot varies slightly with each woman and is normally difficult for her to reach on her own.

Women have described G Spot orgasms as "a deeper and more overwhelming feeling; a more pervasive flowing sensation throughout the body."

Women who use the Double Trouble G Spot Wand have reported a wide variety of exciting results, including:

  • Increased sexual energy and openness
  • Increased vitality in every area of life
  • Increased calmness and serenity
  • Awakening of dormant sensuality
  • Enhanced appreciation of the body and femininity

The Double Trouble G Spot Wand is a 10.5 inch sensuously curved glass (1.75 inch diameter) G Spot stimulator, which has been beautifully crafted for superior pleasuring and climactic results.

The S-shaped design of the Double Trouble G Spot Wand provides the ideal solution for easily targeting and stimulating a woman's G Spot effortlessly. The glass material provides the necessary firm satisfying stimulation that women are ecstatic about.

The Double Trouble G Spot Wand is a beautiful masterly-crafted erotic piece of art. Used with a partner, or by oneself, the Double Trouble G Spot Wand is the ideal gift for experiencing intense G Spot orgasms.

Double Trouble G Spot Wand

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G Spot Orgasms and PC Muscles

Crystal Premium Glass EggA key factor in the enjoyment of G Spot orgasms is the strength of a woman's pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. It has been discovered that strong PC muscles are necessary for vaginal orgasms and female ejaculation.

When a woman has sensitized her G Spot and has also developed her PC muscles so that she can squeeze a penis or her fingers or other object and hold this contraction for ten seconds or more, she is ready for vaginal orgasms and, very likely, ejaculations.

Both women and men have PC muscles. The stronger their PC muscles, the higher their pleasure from sex.

The basic exercises needed to strengthen the PC muscles are easy to do and can be carried out without anyone knowing. Just contract your pelvic area in an effort to stop an imaginary flow of urine. The muscles you have just used are your PC muscles.

A woman who exercises her PC muscles regularly will benefit from improved vaginal health and increased sexual pleasure. PC exercises can help prevent or improve weakness in the pelvic floor. These exercises are particularly important for women whose pelvic floor ligaments have been stretched. This applies particularly to women who have had children. Most women however will benefit from these exercises. It's never too late for a woman to begin strengthening her pelvic floor muscles.

A much more effective method for women to substantially improve the strength of their pelvic floor, is to use a "resistive device" which is inserted into the vagina to isolate, exercise and strengthen the PC muscles. One such "resistive device" is the Crystal Premium Glass Egg.

With the Crystal Premium Glass Egg, a woman can learn about her pelvic floor, discover how to contract the muscles properly, and provide gentle resistance to strengthen her pelvic muscles, all in the privacy of her own space.

The regular use of the Crystal Premium Glass Egg to exercise a woman's pelvic floor takes no longer than it takes most people to brush their teeth. The egg is placed in the vagina, providing resistance to the vaginal muscles and allows the quick, effective toning and developing of those muscles by squeezing the Egg.

The Crystal Premium Glass Egg also helps in developing stronger, healthier vaginal muscles that will add to a woman's and her partner's overall erotic sensations, sexual energy and fulfilment.

Vaginal exercises with the Crystal Premium Glass Egg -- which strengthen the vaginal muscles -- will lead to more intense orgasms when the Double Trouble G Spot Wand is used for massaging the G Spot.

This artfully crafted exquisite Crystal Premium Glass Egg is a great item to add to your erotic G Spot experience.

Crystal Premium Glass Egg

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Female Ejaculation & The G Spot

Deborah SundahlDeborah Sundahl has been a leading expert on female ejaculation for more than FIFTEEN years. She has written and lectured extensively on the subject.

Her latest publication, Female Ejaculation and the G Spot, draws on her high level of practical expertise in advising and educating others on this fascinating aspect of female sexuality.

Book Extract:

"Sex toys are excellent tools to use initially to discover your G Spot and awaken its sensitivity (and they are good for a lifetime of erotic fun and pleasure!). Here is one story about a Toys in Babeland customer about whom Rachel wrote to me:

I remember a somewhat sceptical but scientifically minded woman came into the store a few years back. She wasn't sure she believed in the G Spot, but wanted to find it if it was there to find. She read the books, watched your How to Female Ejaculate video, and embarked on a program of masturbation. She did not ejaculate for the first few weeks, but finally, with the help of the Crystal Wand, she surprised herself by squirting. She told me all about it and also says she can now do it all the time without having to try so hard.

Female Ejaculation & the G SpotMuch can be accomplished if you set out with confidence and an open mind to awaken your G Spot and to ejaculate like the woman above did. I encourage women to take some time to experiment with all the new techniques that were introduced in these last two chapters. Spend time exploring the orgasmic range -- and your feelings about it -- that the G Spot orgasm makes available to you, and become more proficient at G Spot stimulation and ejaculation. You're bound to see results. G Spot toys are helpful devices to use during this experimentation too, and I hope you decide to own at least one.

If you have been able to get through Chapters 4 and 5 successfully, I congratulate you! You are now well equipped to forge ahead into ejaculating with your partner! May your waters flow libidinously throughout your lovemaking!

The topics in Female Ejaculation and the G Spot include:

  • A description of a typical workshop in which women first learn to find their G Spot, then learn the ABCs of ejaculating
  • Exercises, sexual positions, techniques and toys that can help a woman enhance her ejaculation experience, first alone, then with a partner
  • The ancient and sacred history of "female waters" and the therapeutic and spiritual role of female ejaculation
  • The role of partners in helping women explore the G Spot and suggestions for how to process the emotions this intense experience evokes

Gushing with pride!
Reviewer: Wes

I think most people already know this, but for those who've never witnessed it: when she comes, and I mean like a RIVER, all over your face THAT is a GOOD thing!!! It is the unmistakable truth that she is EXPLODING with ECSTASY! When she soaks your face with her juice consider yourself very fortunate!! For me, it begins with gentle massage of her beautiful, sexy mound. After awhile, you continue that sensual probing inside of her - she'll let you know when you've reached the G Spot. Continue moving on and around it while at the same time licking her with sensuous glides and strokes of your tongue. With that dual activity, and loving, attentive to her rhythms, you may very well have a faceful of her come to show for it. Good for you!

OH my gosh!!
Reviewer: p0ps "p0peye_34" (Maine)

For anyone who has had the pleasure of massaging their girl's G Spot and has had her to the brink of something that you don't understand, this book is for you! It can be emotional if you are, so be careful if you aren't. We both loved it and the results.

Female Ejaculation & The G Spot

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